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How could I sheath down my heart?



Backtagging: Go ahead!
Threadjacking: Unless is marked private, you can go for it. Youko's not haxx so her filters can be so so (unless someone is giving her a hand).
Fourthwalling: No thanks!

Hugging this character: Yes! She'll be more receptive after the canon update to her less fail version. Right now she might squirm.
Kissing this character: Sure, but she'll be uncomfortable.
Flirting with this character: Sure, but again, she'll be uncomfortable.
Injuring/killing/maiming/mind controlling/manipulate/read the mind of this character: Truly injure Youko is really, really difficult (for instance, glass doesn't even nick her skin). Unless a character throws her to a Darkness monster (which I asked to be given as conditional weakness - which sure go ahead make it happen!) and somehow acquire a winter weapon... She also has godly Luck stats to escape death (being a king in the 12 Kingdoms). Injury (even infection from injury) from the Darkness are all fun and OK (love to play this), maiming and death, I'll say no unless it's absolutely necessary (for character development). Manipulating her is easy right now. Mind control and reading her mind is going to be complicated due to her link to her Omniscient-ly Sword she can't control.
Detect she's not a normal girl: Yes, absolutely!

It ends today

95th Journey

It would be easy to just toss the blame on others and pretend we’re not at fault, right? Never to blame of anything that happens. But all of us are guilty of something, wherever big or small… We can’t pretend that others carry the consequences of our actions.

Huh. Whoever knew her, Shushou returned home. I don’t know for how long would remain that way, but I hope she stays there. There’s a kingdom resting upon her shoulders and it’s never feels right to a ruler to be taken from their country and the people they must lead. She’ll do well. I’ve heard only great things about Kyou.

[Casa de Kirin & Hanjuu]

Keiki and I were talking about this the other day. We need a bigger place to live. It’s a little crammed, even without the Royal of Kyou. Do we find somewhere else to live or do we bring down another wall?

Ah – Kantai, when this happens, I want you to move in with us. Do you have any objections?


Hello. How are you? Soo, tell me, what did you find out? Did anyone answer our doubt?

94th Journey

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[WIP: Ship Manifesto, accidentally broadcast in the Network]


Title: The Heaven Pair (Tentsui)
Author's: Youko Nakajima.
Pairing: Tianzi/Rokuta.
Word Count: ---

Individual Analysis


"I resolve to do my best, as Empress of China, to represent my people in the City. Even though I am still young, and without the means some possess to aid them, I will try to do what I can to aid those who need it, if I'm able.

And... to return home one day, and be better for my stay here."

Tianzi is the fifteen-years old Empress of the Chinese Federation. She's a sweet, shy girl who has lived through many hardships and seeks to validate herself as a good ruler for her people. Although she is young and has moments of self-doubt, Tianzi has a generous heart and the fortitude of a good leader who wants her kingdom to prosper.


"What, so now we're having a war? Why? For the hell of it? 'Cause I'd bet money that this is a classic example of a pointless war. Tch... These deities are sick bastards.

And I'm really sick of this city smelling like blood. I can't stand it."

Rokuta is Enki, the Taiho of En born in Hourai, Japan, five hundred years ago. He's not human but a Kirin, a holy creature sent by Tentei to select the ruler of the kingdom of En and serve the chosen Master. As a Kirin, Rokuta dislikes violence and wishes for a peaceful prosper kingdom where people would live without cruel rulers wagging wars. Due to his experiences in Japan, he first resented all rulers and didn't want to choose an emperor for En, but eventually he was able to see through his prejudice. The Ever-King and him have led the actual second lasting reign in the twelve kingdoms, after the ruler and Taiho of Sou.

Evidence |
I am practicing my sighing Keiki!

93rd Journey [accidental video/audio]

[The feed turns on by the wandering pink paws of a rodent. Gray fur-coat can spotted as well as silver whiskers before Shun quickly darts back into her cage set beside the device. Youko enters to the room out of the camera angle and shuts the door.]

Hankyo. What did you find out?

[A guttural male voice answers her call.]

There is a curse today that allows the affected to read thoughts.

Huh. I see. [That could be troublesome, she thinks but outside the feed angle it might been as well her thoughts. I'm glad I sent Hankyo to check for me. It hasn't been an unkind month and that had raised her suspicion.] Thank you, Hankyo. You did well. [I guess I'm not going to the library today, she adds inwardly. It'll be noisy outside for the excursion.

There's nothing but silence on the other end of the feed. When her servant was dismissed, Youko walks to her desk and sits. She's wearing something different today, something closer to her simplest regal clothes from Kei: a fine embroidered deep green robe. Keiki gets on my case for dressing in vagabond rags all the time. I hope this will tone down his sighing. She manages to smile a little, but comes as self-deprecatingly. Dressing up like a great empress doesn't make me one. This is no better than wearing a costume.

She leans forward, chin resting on her long sleeved arms, with her green gaze staring at her recent borrowed collection from the shelves. She wonders which one she should try today. Understanding Imperial China's Legal System or skip it to try the Qing Code? She picks one of the statutes collection of the latter. I don't know how this will help me against Gahou and Shokou, but it's best than try nothing. She flips through the pages, unbothered by language barrier. Her thoughts become filled half-absorbed Mandarin words as she scans the contents. A sighs escapes her lips. I wish you were here with me, Enho.]
Mirror Mirror on the Wall

92nd Journey [audio]

In other circumstances, I would advise to face what you see on the other side of the mirror and don't turn away from the reflective surface. They can be part of us, quiet and darker corners we don't want to always acknowledge, but they exist. Arguing with them and fighting over dominance could strengthen us.

Huh. We can't just turn away from our faults, can we? That's the easy way out and it'll teach us nothing to how overcome the less appealing part of us. But this time they can surprise us, outsmart us, snatch us to take our places. We can't let that happen. It already has. Some of us have been... exchanged, does anyone know where we can look for our lost friends? How can we return their current "reflections" back into the mirror?

Do we have to wait until the curse is broken?

[Casa de Kirin // filtered from Rin]

How is everyone? I don't want to worry people, but... It's Rin. She's not herself. I tried to look for her with the sword, but the curse is messing around with the visions.


Any ideas of what we could do?

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Unicorns? I prefer mice

91st Journey [audio/filtered from Kantai]

Is there anyone here who has dealt with corrupted provincial lords and crime investigation in pre-industrial environment? I'd love to share and listen to other people's experiences in the matter. Because until I'm able to get back and fix some of the mess my incompetence brought to Kei, this is all I can do. It'll be gather around and acquaint ourselves in the library one of these days when there's not an annoying curse to disturb serious conversations.

Lots of people giving ratings today, huh? I don't think my taste matches to everyone, because I prefer when someone who has a cuddly animal fo-fjkldsjfkldsjaklfdsjklfdjsaklsohgodwhy


Never mind that. I...I said nothing!

[Apartment Mates]

Huh. I think is obvious I'm cursed and it'll be in our best interests to not ask me to "rate" any of you. Please.

[Nobody can measure up Rakushun's quivering silver whiskers, duh.]


Hey there, uhh, do you have a minute to talk? I know I'm almost a stranger, but I'd like to know you better.

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